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Adoption Process


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Thinking About Adopting??
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Step 1: Think About It


The first part of this process is one completely for you. Adopting a pet is a big commitment and should be given serious consideration. You must decide if you are truly ready and able to adopt a new companion. Are you financially able to properly care for a new pet? Are you physically able? Does everyone who is immediately involved agree on the adoption?


You also need to consider what type of pet would fit your family. If you have a laid-back family you probably shouldn't adopt a dog that is very active and requires a lot of exercise. Or if you're considering a puppy...are you prepared for the time commitment and patience a puppy requires? For more help picking your perfect pet, visit our "Finding Your Perfect Pet" page. 


After truly giving it some thought and you are ready...



Step 2: Fill Out An Application


To adopt one of our pets you must fill out our adoption application. The application helps us determine if you are an adoption candidate. You may mail, e-mail or fax your application to us.


PLEASE NOTE: Submitting an application does not guarantee that we will adopt one of our pets to you. Also, submitting an application does not mean that the pet you are interested in will be on hold for you. The actual process of adoption is started once your application is approved.



Step 3: We Review Your Application


During this time we will review your application and verify the information on it. We may have more questions for you and in some cases a home visit will be required. We will contact you to let you know if you application was approved or not. 


​We want our rescues to live in homes that are compatible with their needs. If you want to adopt a pet that is not a good fit for your family and household we will tell you. We will then try to match you with one of our rescues that would fit better in your life. We want a great home for every pet and a great pet for every home.



Step 4: Finish the Paperwork and Pay the Adoption Fee


Once your application is approved, the adoption will be finalized. There will be a little more paperwork to do and you pay the appropriate adoption fee (we accept cash or check). We will give you your new companion's medical records to take to your veterinarian. 



Step 5: You've Saved A Life!


The last thing that must be done is one that is easy! You must provide love and proper care for your new companion. We do not forget our animals after they have been adopted. If you have any questions or problems after you adopt please call or email us! We are here to help! We love to hear how they are doing even if there are no problems. We love to hear about happy endings! Please send a quick email, call or stop by PetSmart on Saturdays so we can see how our friends are doing! We love getting pictures, too! You can post pictures on our Facebook Page!


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