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A Special Thanks

All of us at HCPAP would like to send a huge thank you to all our hard working volunteers that give the little spare time they have to help animals find loving homes. 


Thank you to all our foster parents. With your help we have been able to rescue and find homes for so many more wonderful pets.


Thank you to anyone who has donated. Without your donations the rescue efforts of HCPAP could not happen.


Lastly, but certainly not the least, thank you to all the people who are willing to open their homes and hearts to homeless pets.


Thank you for choosing to ADOPT.

We'd Like to Send a Thank You to...


Tracy Combs, Doug Combs, Ashley Sawyer, Benjamin Sawyer, Megan Hewitt, Lauren Batchelor, Clayborne Batchelor, Brenda Keigley, Sarah Pullman, Ashley Pullman, Ryan Palmer, Jennifer Lent, Haley Lent, Patty Johnson, Ellie Johnson, Margaret Johnson, Barbara Silverman, Kim Fred, Caryn Glasser, Tammy Beckenthal, Dr. Richard Wilson, Janet Falls, Mike Falls, Betty Ward, Alicia Ashton, Roxanne Holston, Eryk Boston, Susie Marquardt​, Gloria Murzwa, Robin Kline, Kathryn Wilkins, Erin Malloney, Lewis Alderman, Theresa Lumpp, Kaydee Kelly, Mr. & Mrs. Morris Bower, Betty Quattlebaum, Mr. & Mrs. Mike Dardinski, Betty J. Hott & The Animal Fund, Mr. & Mrs. Gary Belcher, PetSmart of Winchester, VA, Wendy and Ricky Dunn, Jerry and Karen Pelkey, Linden Heights Animal Hospital, Stephanie Catlett and Family, Dakota's Dream Animal Rescue, Wash N Wag


A Special Thanks to...

Meadowbranch Animal Hospital


Valley Veterinary Emergency
and Referral Center

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