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Frequently Asked Questions



1. What is a foster organization?


A foster organization is quite different from a shelter. The animals do not all stay in one place/facility, but rather are scattered among the homes of our volunteers. HCPAP has created a small network of foster homes that allows the pets to be able to live in a comfortable environment until they get adopted. So, HCPAP dogs get to enjoy the life of beds, couches and backyards while they are waiting for their forever family.


2. Why are we a foster organization?


Fostering gives us the unique ability to match each animal with an appropriate owner. We are able to discover the personality of each individual animal and the type of environment they will flourish in. It allows us to determine how the animals will behave around dogs, cats, children, etc. It also allows us to discover any not so great behaviors. When animals are fostered they are socialized and learn the "DOs and DON'Ts" of living in a home. Overall, pets that are fostered are better prepared for adoption.


3. Where do our dogs come from?


The animals in our rescue come from various places. Many are strays and some are released to us by their owners. We also like to help out local shelters and rescues, as well.


4. Do we euthanize pets if they don't get adopted?


NO. We keep the pets in our rescue until they find their forever home. Many of the pets in our rescue will be with us for several months or even years before they get adopted. The only times that we will consider euthanasia is in situations of severe health condition or severe aggression.


5. Where can you meet our adoptable pets?


Because HCPAP is not a shelter, there is no facility for you to visit to see the pets we have available for adoption. You can schedule a meet & greet with us to meet our dogs. Please email us to get started. 


6. What veterinary care do HCPAP pets receive?


The pets in our rescue will receive all needed veterinary care. Click here for details. When you adopt a dog from us we will give you all their medical paperwork to take to your veterinarian.


7. Are we a breed-specific rescue?


No, we will rescue any dog or cat that needs help regardless of their breed. 


8. Will we take your pet that you need to find a new home for?


It all depends on how much space we have in our foster homes and if we have the right kind of foster home available. We also generally have a waiting list. Email us your situation and give as much detail on the pet(s) as you can. Please include some pictures. Many times if we aren't able to take in the pet(s) we will post them online to help you find them a home. 


9. Do we only adopt out to certain areas/states?


​No, we do not limit adoptions to certain areas or the surrounding states. If you live far away and are willing to drive the distance to adopt one of our dogs, we will happily adopt out to you (assuming everything else, like your application, checks out).


10. How can you adopt a dog from us?


Please refer for our Adoption Process page. 


11. What are the adoption fees for our dogs?


Please refer for our Adoption Fees page. 


12. What if you adopt a pet and it doesn't work out?


We understand that sometimes adoptions end up not being the best fit. We absolutely want our pets back if it doesn't work out and, by contract, you are required to return them to us. Also, if you return the pet to us within 30 days of the adoption date we will refund you the adoption fee. Even if it's months or years down the road we will take our pets back if you cannot care for them any longer. If you need to return a pet to us, call or email us. 


13. How do you get your spay/neuter deposit back?


After you get your companion spayed or neutered you send us the spay/neuter receipt from your vet and we will send your deposit back. Make a copy of the spay/neuter receipt and mail it to us. Include a copy of your adoption agreement, as well.


Some people have sent us the spay/neuter receipt but wanted us to keep the deposit as a donation. If you would like to do this just let us know and thank you! Your donation is tax-deductible!




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