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Foster A Rescued Pet

Our rescue relies on foster homes; they are our very core. Without foster homes we cannot rescue homeless dogs.


Fostering helps the dogs get used to everyday things that they will encounter after they have been adopted. It also gives us a better understanding of the type of home each dog needs. Each dog has their own unique personality, along with likes and dislikes. Some dogs need more one-on-one attention while others will be right at home the second they walk through the door. Some dogs may need a home without cats or maybe they need a foster family that is very active and can play with them a lot. Fostering gives us the ability to find out all of these things about each pet that comes to us. This also allows us to be able to place them in homes that match their individual needs. 


We always have dogs in need of a foster home. Because we are not a shelter our dogs are in foster homes already. However, some of them are not in a home that they are most compatible with. A foster home that meets all their unique needs is what we want. By fostering a rescued pet you will be saving a life. Every new foster home we have is one more dog that we can rescue.

Your Foster Parent Responsibilites

1. Provide proper care and love to your foster.

Treat them as one of your own. 


2. Attend Meet & Greets with potential adopters.


3. Help your foster learn the "DO's and DONT's" of living in a home. This may involve working with your foster on house training, crate training, leash walking and good manners. 


4. Treat your foster in such a way that ensures their safety and well-being.

Our Responsibilites to You

1. Provide you with food and other essentials for your foster.


2. Cover any and all veterinary costs for your foster.


3. Help you make fostering a fun and rewarding experience.


4. Give you advice and guidance when needed. 


5. Take fosters back if you cannot care for them any longer.


Prior to placing one of our dogs in your home, we may require a home check. Also, if after you start fostering you find that it is just not working out that is okay. We understand that things might not work out. If your foster isn't adjusting well and you would like to try fostering another dog that is fine, too.


If you would like to have a truly rewarding experience shoot us an email, so we can help you get started. You can also get a head start and fill out the appropriate foster application below. You can mail, email, fax or give it to us in person. 

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